Occasionally I will be posting my pastoral prayer on our website for your instruction, edification and encouragement. The reasons I will be doing this are as follows:

To honour God

The principal reason for posting these prayers is to teach you to pray and to pray in a worshipful, biblically sound way. It honours God when we pray like this.

To be an example to you

I want you to know that your pastor loves you and prays for you often. The prayers I post will demonstrate that to you. My purpose is to encourage you in your faith and to stimulate you to emulate your pastor and pray much and to pray often

To teach you

You might be surprised to know that the majority of these prayers I am posting are developed ahead of time. Every now and then I am asked why I do this.  The assumption seems to be that being ‘Spirit-led’ always means being spontaneous.  While spontaneity in response to the leading of the Holy Spirit is a big part of personal prayer, it is also not true that this is the only way to pray.  Preparing ahead of time allows me to approach God thoughtfully and doctrinally, and to systematically pray for other churches, individuals and adopted ministries.  Additionally, albeit not perfectly, it teaches us as a church how to pray as we pray the pattern of the Lord’s model prayer.

I trust you will find this ministry helpful in your own private prayer life

Ps Neil Davies