• New Series on John The Baptist

    Coming this January a character study on the messenger who prepared the way for The Lord. Join us for this four part series entitled “John: Prophet of Fire”

  • A Christian Response To Halloween

    The Origin of Halloween The origin of Halloween traces back thousands of years to the ancient religion of the Celts in Wales, Scotland, Brittany and particularly Ireland. The spiritual world was very important to the Celts; so much so that they had approximately 300 idol gods that they worshipped for...

  • New Series: Jesus In Genesis

    Starting Sunday 12th of September we will begin a 10 part series following the appearing of Jesus in the book of Genesis.

  • New Series: The Doctrine of The Bible

    Starting August 22nd we will begin a 3 part series on “The Doctrine of The Bible”, answering the questions: How did we get our bible in the first place? How can I be sure it is reliable and without error of any kind? Over 3 Sundays we will address these...

  • The Reason Why I Preach & Teach The Book of Revelation

    While I was meditating today the Holy Spirit prompted me to write to you to explain why I choose to both preach and teach the book of Revelation and the prophetic scriptures more widely. To say that it is rare today for a church to preach from the book of...

  • New Series: An Exegesis on I Timothy

    Starting May 30th we will be beginning a new 13 part series on the book of I Timothy. This pastoral epistle to Timothy is such a rich doctrinal letter with such importance to the local church today. This series will include detailed study notes that will be available for you...

  • The Barnabas Project

    Starting in the month of May Ps Neil will be preaching a 3 part series called “The Barnabas Project”. These messages will focus on encouraging the saints as we witness His miracles for us, His sheltering over us through life’s storms and His individual will for each one of us.

  • Responding to the call of God

    As Christians, the following two things can be confidently stated about our relationship with Jesus; We have ALL been given at least one spiritual gift which He expects us to use in the context of the ministry of the local church He has a plan and purpose for our lives...

  • Return To Face-To-Face Meeting

    We are excited to announce a return to face-to-face meeting on Sunday 29th of November. Please ensure you register your seat as capacity is limited due to COVID restrictions. All social distancing measures must continue to be met.

  • Midweek Teaching To Go Into Recess For The Remaining of The Year

    Our Wednesday evening teaching has gone into recess for the remaining of the year. We will return in February 2021, continuing our series on Heaven.