Elyse McKee

Elyse was approximately 10 years old when she called upon Jesus Christ to be her Lord and Saviour. Since then Elyse has been actively serving in her local church at the Haddon Church of Christ. Elyse has gift for serving Christ through; corporate worship leading, evangelism and the preaching/teaching of the Word.

Elyse is a registered nurse by trade, but felt the call of God to ministry in her mid 20’s. With one child at home and another on the way, Elyse responded to God’s call and studied a Diploma in Christian Ministry and Theology through the Australian College of Christian Studies. In 2019 the Eldership publicly acknowledge this call, commissioning her into ministry at the Haddon Church of Christ as the associate pastor. In February 2022 Elyse became the sole pastor.

Elyse is married to a loving, God fearing man named Joshua who at a similar age committed his life to Christ and is now serving as a Deacon at Haddon Church. They have two beautiful children named Michael and Grace.