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Upcoming Sermon Series – Overcomer

10 messages on Defeating Satans lies in your life

In chapter 6 of Paul’s epistle to the Christians at Ephesus, he describes in detail the armour God has provided us with to withstand all the fiery darts of Satan. In this series of 10 messages, beginning right after Easter, Pastor Neil will take each item of armour described by Paul and teach you how you may apply them in order to live victoriously and triumphantly above the lies, deceit and treachery of our infernal enemy

Sermons in the series

  1. What is an overcomer?
  2. Overcoming weakness with strength
  3. Overcoming falsehood with truth
  4. Overcoming evil with good
  5. Overcoming anxiety with peace
  6. Overcoming fear with faith
  7. Overcoming confusion with wisdom
  8. Overcoming temptation with scripture
  9. Overcoming everything with prayer
  10. Overcoming death with life

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