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Ruminating in Romans

Rom 2:18 ………… and know His will ……….

Apart from your surrender to Christ in salvation, knowing the will of God in your life must be the next most important element of the Christian life. Knowing God’s will is not discerning a specific decision or path. Robert Haldane explains that to “know His will” refers to revelation in scripture that is “agreeable to Him, what He requires you to do, what He commands, what He prohibits, what He approves and what He rewards” We have inherited this treasure trove of truth through our covenant relationship with God. To gain the is revelation from scripture requires of us three key things: to search the scriptures (Acts 17:10-15), to pray without ceasing (1 Thess 5:17) and to worship Him in Spirit and truth (John 4:24). It is an exciting journey of faith, enjoy the ride.

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